Custom Energetic Clearing


Feeling funky?  Allow me to craft a clearing for whatever energy you feel stuck in.  With this clearing you will: 

• Complete a short form detailing what energy you would like to clear (example: frustration, anger, sadness, lack of motivation, disappointment...) and as much history or context you would like to provide. 

• Receive a video or audio recorded 20-30 minute clearing + transcript.  I will carefully review your survey and create the clearing including the information you give me as well as anything related that intuitively comes up in that space.  

The intention of this clearing is to help you feel better!  Energetic clearings are one tool of many that I use when I am feeling stuck in a negative energetic pattern.  Getting both body and mind involved in this movement and script has been a powerful tool for me.  You can use this as a guide to create your own or as something you come back to over and over as needed. 

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Upon purchase you will be contacted in 24-48 hours with initial survey.  Clearing will be email to you 1-3 days after your response.  


*photo credit Dennis Oliveira 

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