Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is any of the jewelry made with silver, gold or copper plate?

No, our jewelry is made of .925 sterling silver, solid copper and gold fill components.


2.  Can you create a custom design on a bracelet or necklace?

Creating a custom design requires a custom stamp which is quite expensive ($100+).  At this time we are not taking requests for the creation of custom design stamps.


3.  Is stamping the same as engraving?

No, hand stamping is not the same as engraving.  Hand stamping uses a series of steel letter or design stamps that are stamped individually with a hammer to spell out your message or design.  This is why the alignment and spacing is never identical from piece to piece.  The human eye/hand will never lend itself to perfection, but with practice will create a beautiful piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours.  


4. My bracelet is too small/large, can I get it resized?

Yes, we are happy to resize your bracelet for you.  Please contact us at heather@thoughtblossoms.com for more specific instructions.


5. Can I have a picture of my item sent to me before it ships?

Because of the high volume of items we are currently producing we are unable to take and send photos of each item before it ships.  We want to budget our time effectively so we can get your items to you as quickly as possible!



Have a different question?  Please contact us so we can help out!! 



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