About Us

Heather Yoki is the founder and lead designer of Thought Blossoms.  She built this business from the ground up beginning in 2011.  Heather always knew that she was creative, but did not have the confidence to pursue a career in a related field. After taking up teaching elementary school for a number of years, her creative side still felt unfulfilled. She knew that although teaching was a very rewarding and challenging career she was meant for something else. She had purchased some stamped jewelry reading “believe” and “gratitude” as inspiration to find her creative path and wore it every day. After she received a stamping kit for Christmas 2010 she began to experiment with the craft. The meticulous nature of stamping along with the fascinating idea of wearing your own inspiration led her to set a goal of launching an online store by July 2011. Starting with a few simple bracelets and necklaces and a handful of inspirational words, Thought Blossoms was born. Three years later she was able to support herself with this budding business and become a full time jewelry maker. Thought Blossoms is a reminder that words can inspire us to accomplish amazing things in our lives, blossoming into beautiful realities.


Thought Blossoms has grown into a small team of creative, design minded individuals.  We work together to create the best, most beautiful handmade items we can come up with.  Our inspiration comes from art, design, and our clients!   Our joy is creating and innovating products that inspire others.



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