Bracelet Repairs: Cord Ends November 13 2018

I cannot tell you how many bracelet we get back for resizing!  There are some fearless clients that want to take the task on themselves.  Happy to assist in whatever way I can, I have created a short video showing how to attach the cord ends that we use here at Thought Blossoms.  Hopefully this will make your task a bit easier, and please feel free to leave questions!  I will...

Gemstones & Gurus November 05 2018

After a visit to the gem show here in Houston I came home with some really beautiful components to start integrating into our line. Of them included a couple of Buddha charms and some absolutely gorgeous strands of wire wrapped gemstones. Both carry beautiful energy and add something remarkable to our otherwise basic chain necklaces. Buddha A “student” of meditation I was drawn to the Buddha. Buddha is not a...

Measuring Your Wrist for a Bracelet October 26 2018

Bracelet sizing can be tricky when ordering online.  I should know, I have changed my sizing strategy in our shop at least three times.  Regardless, we receive A LOT of bracelets back for resizing.  I finally decided to stick with requesting an actual "wrist size" from our clients.  What does this mean?  We want your wrist size, nothing added, nothing taken away.  We want to know exactly what your wrist...

The Lotus October 16 2018

The Lotus  I have been wearing the lotus for years, it was one of the first design stamps that I purchased.  And with really no knowledge of its nature or symbolism, I bought it just knowing it carried positive energy and was related to yoga and stuff like that. As I began to take a little time to read here and there and found that it represented "purity" and "spiritual awakening", but neither of...

Learning Lengths October 10 2018

This week on the blog: "Learning Lengths", necklace length demystified.  Check out our tips on how to choose the right necklace length for you.

What is Thought Blossoms Anyways October 01 2018

Polishing like the Pros September 24 2018

When I started stamping it was a complete mystery how jewelers went from a piece of metal that looked as if it had been run over in a gravel driveway to a beautiful mirror finish.  I dove into Etsy forums and Youtube tutorials and found one of the most common jeweler's tools, the flex shaft.  Very similar to a Dremel (I started with a Dremel myself) this a rotary tool...

Beating the Work from Home Blues September 17 2018

Working from home always sounded like a fantastic idea to me.  No lunch prepping, clothing optional, I can get laundry done, snack and play with the kitties while working all day. So I had to think critically when I started to feel a little blue in this supposedly "ideal" situation.  Whether you are a stay at home mom, working remotely for a big company or self employed our social nature does...

Home Jewelry Cleaning Tips September 10 2018

  You are getting ready to go out to dinner and about to put on that sterling necklace you haven't worn in ages, only to discover it is covered in tarnish.  Whomp whomp. This is your at home guide for quick DIY jewelry cleaning.  I have a few tips/products I can share, and yes, one of them is toothpaste.ToothpasteYes, regular toothPASTE (not the gel type) does a pretty bang up job on...

Beyond the Internet: Summer Book List September 04 2018

In my never-ending quest to better myself, learn, grow and live an inspired life I have found myself reading more and more.  An Audible subscriber, I listen to many while working, walking, and doing household chores.  The reading I have done the past few years has helped me exponentially, so I thought why not share some of my most recent finds for people looking for similar knowledge?  The internet is...

Summer Series is Approaching! June 13 2016

 Our Summer Series show is approaching and you don't want to miss it.  Join us for new works all around the studios, cocktails, music and an art scavenger hunt complete with prizes.  Start your evening out here, or make a night of it! Friday June 24th 5-9pmFriday July 29th 5-9pm 2000 Edwards St #108Houston 77007 More information at  

Pre-Holiday in Studio Sale!! November 11 2015

Join us this Saturday for a pre-holiday sale! We will have wine and new inventory for you to take home.  Get your holiday shopping done early! Nov. 15th 2-5pm  2000 Edwards St #108 77007  
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