Why wear it? Triangles and their meaning. September 17 2019

“Wear your inspiration” developed as a tagline for Thought Blossoms quite organically.  I believe in the power of words and symbols and having a physical touchstone with these can bring strength to the wearer.  It is with much intention that I choose our design stamps as I want them to not only fit our aesthetic but be powerful and meaningful.  Triangles have been a favorite of mine and we carry a triangle design stamp as well as make wire triangles for necklaces and bracelets.


What does the triangle mean?

Triangles hold very ancient significance.They have associations with Father-Son-Holy Ghost, mind-body-spirit, female energy, male energy (depending on orientation), the power of three, and stability and strength. I resonate with the downward pointing triangle as the representation of feminine energy which is also the creative force.  For someone who depends on creativity inspiring my career this is a lovely symbol to carry, provoking the Divine Feminine to fuel more imagination in my life.  So much energy in this little symbol.