What should I put on my medical alert bracelet? June 14 2019

About five years ago a client asked, “could you make me a medical alert bracelet?”. After a couple seconds of consideration and a quick search on Etsy I ordered my supplies and made my first medical alert bracelet.  We now have over 50 different styles of medical jewelry and sell these products on a daily basis.  I am so grateful for this client as well as the opportunity to make beautiful, useful jewelry for people all over the world (just sent out an order to Thailand last week!). 

Every once in a while, someone will ask “what should I include on this bracelet?”. Over the years I have seen several reoccurring components.  I am happy to share these observations but please understand I am NOT a medical professional of any sort.  If you are uncertain of what is the most critical information, I always recommend a chat with your doctor first.  But if you are just wondering what other people are doing or looking for some general tips check out the video.  If you don’t have time for all my blabbering, below is the quick and dirty.

You may want to include your…



-emergency contact information (I.C.E) phone and/or name of contact

-Dr. name and/or phone


I hope this is helpful to you guys! Please forward this onto anyone who you think this may help! We have so many cute styles of medical jewelry I am sure that you, your friends or family will be able to find something they would be happy to wear. 


With gratitude,