What is Thought Blossoms Anyways October 01 2018

So I have been thinking about these  blog posts and what you all might want to hear about. What is Thought Blossoms anyways?
Thought Blossoms is about living an inspired life.  I am not trying to sound like some overused Instagram meme, I am talking about daily inspiration.  The things that make us push forward when we feel shitty, when we feel lost, when we are sick, are healing physically or emotionally.  I am talking about where we look to push us forward, what we do, what habits we have that make our life more fulfilling, happier and healthier.  
What is that for me?  Coffee, cats, running, biking, being outdoors, reading, meditating, time with loved ones, venting, dancing, writing, making and praying.  AND using every tool I possibly can find to help me on this crazy path. 
 All that in a jewelry brand? Really?  Ha.  Well, this all seeps into the jewelry I make. I started this brand with the purpose of creating jewelry that would be a touchstone to remind me daily of my life intentions.  Starting with “believe” and “gratitude” and evolving into “fearless”,  “love” (on SO many pieces), “you got this”,  “don’t’ stop believing”, “every little thing is going to be alright”, and back to  “gratitude”.  I wear the lotus, the compass (you are always being guided) and the hamsa frequently for their symbolic meaning as well as a heart because one of my biggest lessons is to LIVE in love.  Let that shit pour out of you and back in.  And yes, I LOVE making things, especially very pretty, very small things that have very big meaning. 
So, I just wanted to tell everybody who has taken a few precious moments out of their morning, afternoon or evening to read this what I do, why I do it and what I want to share with you all.  What do you want to hear about? Let me know!  And for all of you on IG, check out my stories! Random events from the TB life.  I love you guys for listening and supporting me on this journey.
Eternal gratitude.