Trending with Tassels November 07 2019

I have seen an abundance of tasseled jewelry from the traditional mala necklace to the bodacious multi-tasseled earring which although are cute, never really spoke to me.  But, while paging through one of my supplier’s catalogues I spotted the world’s tiniest tassels.  If you know me, you know I LOVE ALL THINGS TINY.  Consequently, Thought Blossoms launched into the tassel trend.

After a little research on the tassel I came to find out that these mostly have been ornamental but, interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia the Hebrew Bible says that the Big Guy in the Sky gave some crafty instructions to put tassels on clothing as a reminder of the ten commandments.  These bitches are biblical!  I’m pretty sure that was blasphemous. 

I do enjoy the notion of tassels bringing an essence of holiness, especially since they are on garments and the like in so many cultures.  Running with that idea and also being very mindful of the colors I chose the intent is to bring a certain energy to the wearer.  I have been reading a beautiful book “You are Woman You are Divine” by Renee Starr which shares historical stories of the goddess and details the qualities that each represent.  Each goddess is connected to a color, gemstone, and symbol that signify her attributes and it is here I found my inspiration for the tassels.  Draw your inner goddess out with these:

Black:  the power within you, connection & grounding

White:  grace & purity, stillness of your inner being

Red:  passion & strength

Blue:  Flow, rhythm & creativity

Gold/Yellow:  emerge, awaken & cleanse

These guys will be in the shop soon, so take your time and think about what kind of tasseled energy you would like to carry with you.

With Gratitude,