The Lotus October 16 2018

The Lotus 

I have been wearing the lotus for years, it was one of the first design stamps that I purchased.  And with really no knowledge of its nature or symbolism, I bought it just knowing it carried positive energy and was related to yoga and stuff like that. 

As I began to take a little time to read here and there and found that it represented "purity" and "spiritual awakening", but neither of those felt really relatable to me.   It wasn't until I read about how it submerges every night into what are typically very muddy, murkey waters and rises up each day to rebloom with no visible remnants from this less than appealing environment.  Every day it does this! Goes down into the muck, rises up clean bright and beautiful.  Oh lotus, I just fell in love with you. 

The said article made the connection to "faith" but I cannot help but relate this to our opportunity every day to start again.  We can be surrounded by the grossest circumstances, be going through some shit to be frank, and the next day, just rise up!  Rise up to start again, leaving that crap behind us.  How lovely. I want to be more like you lotus. 

If you want a more detailed explanation of this lovely flower, it's life and symbolism this article is an easy read and provides some good info.

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With Gratitude,