Revitalizing Your Stamped Jewelry: How to Re-blacken Lettering March 02 2019

Wear and tear is inevitable with jewelry, especially if you done it daily.  One thing unique to stamped jewelry is the oxidation in the lettering.  Jewelers use various methods, chemicals or darkening agents to blacken the stamping but over time it can begin to fade.  There is a very simple method you can use to re-blacken it if it does.  And even better, it uses products you probably have around your house.


You will need:

-Sharpe or another permanent maker

-rubbing alcohol or finger nail polish remover


-jewelry polishing cloth if you have one

-silver, gold, copper or stainless accessory

**do not use this process on aluminum


1. Color in the lettering or designs with the Sharpe marker, it is ok if you go outside the lines.  Feel free to smash the tip of the Sharpe to get the ink inside the lines.

2. Allow to dry for about a minute.

3. Get one end of Qtip wet with alcohol or fingernail polish remover.

**for stainless steel keychains you can use cotton balls for the larger surface area.

4. Rub wet Qtip gently over areas where there is excess ink. Use dry end to pick up excess moisture.

5. Rub with jewelry polishing cloth (or a cotton ball if you do not have one) to bring to high shine.


Voila!  You are finished!  Your lettering and designs should be darker and the metal should be a bit shinier!


If you don’t like the result, or if you would like a removal process that is a bit easier you can also purchase polishing pads.  There are scads of vendors on Etsy selling these at very affordable prices and they really do wonders.  A few rubs of this slightly abrasive pad and not only is the excess black removed, but your jewelry is brought to a high shine. 


I hope this helps maintain your jewelry over time.  We also can re-finish and string bracelets and necklaces for a small fee.  Inquire at