Mighty Mission August 23 2019


Many of you already know the story behind Thought Blossoms and how it started as a line of jewelry meant to be used as intentional tools for inspiration, motivation, encouragement or a good old fashioned kick in the a**.  I love this concept and use my jewelry as such daily, but I also recognize that many of you are wearing Thought Blossoms medical alert jewelry.  This prompted me to begin thinking about physical health and its role in our mission.  Thought Blossoms has always had the intent to inspire, but now I believe our mission is to inspire wellness of both body and mind.  It is my hope that every accessory serves as a small reminder of the love, care and attention each of us deserves in body and mind. 


I have always had a strong interest in maintaining a healthy body and more recently have developed several strategies to support positive mental health as well.  With our new mission in mind, I am excited to begin a dialogue surrounding this.  I hope that you all find some of this helpful, encouraging or at the very least interesting.   Keep posted here.

Wishing all of you wellness.