Mental Health Lessons: Connect August 09 2019


I have learned a valuable lesson as of late.  Connecting is part of my mental health.  Being a solo-preneur is awesome, rewarding and fun but also very isolating.  I have struggled with this feeling over the past couple of years working from home.  I thought if I scheduled lunches and happy hours with friends that this would alleviate it but that didn’t seem to be the remedy.  I took a dance class, scheduled running and yoga dates, created a more rigorous working schedule but none of this was fulfilling me.  It wasn’t until I recently joined Sesh Coworking, an all female coworking group, that I started to feel balance back in my life.  Interacting with other women on a similar path experiencing similar challenges was a gift.  I was finally able to talk to women who not only understood me and my work but were willing and able to discuss intelligently how to approach this path and its challenges.  I finally had true peers, co-workers. 

I never realized how important this was until now.  As a woman I have a need to express and though friends, family and boyfriend are wonderful there is something magical about regularly processing with female peers. I don’t come to these groups with an agenda but come to learn, grow and express whatever it is that I need to.  Each time I walk away with a meaningful connection; to a person, an idea, another business or my own purpose and drive.  This has absolutely changed my energy over the past few months.  I truly believe that it has been an integral part in aligning me with more abundance in my life and business.  This is what connection can do.  Feed your soul and open the door for good to come to you.  It has for me at least.  I needed this and if you also work from home or spend a lot of time alone you may benefit from connecting to a community.  I hear this all the time but finally really understand it and have found the women to create mine.  I hope you too can find yours too. 


With Gratitude,