Measuring Your Wrist for a Bracelet October 26 2018

Bracelet sizing can be tricky when ordering online.  I should know, I have changed my sizing strategy in our shop at least three times.  Regardless, we receive A LOT of bracelets back for resizing.  I finally decided to stick with requesting an actual "wrist size" from our clients.  What does this mean?  We want your wrist size, nothing added, nothing taken away.  We want to know exactly what your wrist measures at the smallest part so that we can make the perfect bracelet for you. 

So, in an attempt to be even more transparent, I have created a short video showing exactly what we want you to do - measure your wrist.  That's right, get out your measuring tape or a ribbon (if ya ain't a seamstress) and wrap that baby around your wrist.  THAT number is what we want you to select in our little dropdown.  Watch me get over my fear of putting my face on the interweb and measure my wrist like a pro.   It's just one of my many talents. ;)  

Let me know if you have any questions - maybe I will make another video!  (It was kind of fun).