Learning Lengths October 10 2018

Very common question I get is what necklace length to choose, especially as we near gifting season.  The diagram above is a great guide but you are also going to have to consider your size versus the skinny sketch model pictured.  I for example, do wear a 14" chain as a choker but am 5'3, slightly athletic build.  If you are 5'7 that might be a literal choker if you can get it fastened. So, taller, thicker add an inch or so.  Or grab a necklace that you like, measure it, go from that starting point on the diagram.   

My favorite lengths are noted above, here's a little about that.

Everyday wear: I like 16"-18", they wear well with t-shirts and tank tops which are my wardrobe of choice.  They will also work well with button downs and blouses with a moderate neckline. 

Lil dressy day wear:  I love my 24" compass necklace.  When I don't feel like being to "standard", I slap this one on and it immediately gives a bit more style to my outfit.  I add a carnelian crystal to it if I'm feeling the super hippie vibe. ;)

Goin out:  If you want to immediately dress up a plain blouse, dress or other simple top a 30" necklace will make a great statement.  Because all our pieces are relatively simple, it will say something without screaming.  This is a great option for going out or if you dress up for work.

Hope that helps!  Hit me up with questions, I am always happy to help you guys navigate your jewelry decisions!

Much Gratitude,