Jewelry Trends 2019: Do you Follow? October 18 2019

Do you know what’s trending in the fashion industry?  I keep a very light eye out on what is trending as I am in the business but honestly, I am a jeans and white t-shirt kind of gal.  That being said, jewelry is the perfect way to spice things up without 1. breaking the bank, and 2. going too far out of your comfort zone.  I have a few things in the works that will be coming out soon (Black Friday vibes) but I thought I would do a little research into what is trending this season.  I will save you all the clicking around and tell you what I found: 


  1. Gold hoops

Who knew I was so on trend?!  I have been wearing the same gold hoops for about five years now.  The great thing about the hoops I make is that they are light as a feather, I hardly even notice I am wearing them.  This also lends to a very delicate, beautiful look.  Apparently hoops of all sizes are trending, what size would you like to see?  Mega huge? Itty bitty?  Point me in the right direction.

  1. Coin pendants

This is something that honestly doesn’t interest me that much.  That is the beauty of trends, you can choose to follow or not.  If they were antique mystical coins perhaps, but anything less doesn’t really speak to me.  What are your thoughts?

  1. Shell jewelry

I have seen this done beautifully!  I am a minimalist, so you won’t see me gawking at a necklace that looks like you just strung up the entire shell collection at the beach tourist shop, but one simple gold-plated shell on a necklace is just lovely.

  1. Layered bracelets

Whoop!  Well this one really works in our favor.  Seeing as we specialize in bracelets I can definitely get on board.  For those of you who haven’t seen, we integrated some really beautiful, dainty bracelets that are adjustable.  These are perfect for layering!  Bring on the bracelets!

  1. Delicate charms

Once again, we are lucking out in the trend department here because I just can’t make enough tiny charms.  Stamped or unstamped these are our specialty when it comes to necklaces.

  1. Personalized

I did not make this up, I swear.  Once again you won’t catch us developing a line of giant letters pendants, but a tiny charm with an initial is exactly what we can do for you.  Names, initials, dates or otherwise we’ve got you covered and on trend.


Those are just some of the trends this year, pick and choose what you like.  Whatever makes you feel beautiful you belong in it. 


Do you want to see us integrate more of these trends?  Let us know!!