It's our birthday!! July 10 2019


In honor of our upcoming eighth anniversary I figured I would take some time to introduce myself and tell you the story behind Thought Blossoms! I’m Heather, maker, designer, creator of Thought Blossoms. Thought Blossoms was inspired by a a couple of hand stamped charms that I bought years ago with the intention of using them as touchstones for personal change.  I was teaching at the time and wanted to launch a full-time career in the arts (I was creating and showing visual art at the time, paintings and collages).  They read “believe” and “gratitude”. Each day on the way to my teaching job I would touch them and visualize myself as a full-time artist and say thanks for what already was present in my life.  I loved the simplicity and power of this accessory, so much that I decided to get a stamping set to try out the craft myself.  I instantly fell in love and started stamping like crazy.  My initial pieces were a bit wonky but that did not deter me.  I had a vision of creating simple accessories that could be just as powerful to others as they were to me.  I set a goal for launching an Etsy shop in July of 2011 and on July 13th I launched the shop and later that day I got my first sale.  It gives me chills to think of it today more than 10,000 sales later.  I honestly love making things, part of enjoying life for me is allowing my creativity to flow.  This may be making new products, writing blog posts, brainstorming with friends, or exploring new jewelry making techniques.  I feel very lucky to have a life that enables me to live creatively and share what I do with SO MANY PEOPLE!  THANK YOU to all of you who have supported Thought Blossoms along the way! 


We are running a special promotion Saturday July 13th through Monday July 15th in honor of our anniversary!  20% off the entire store for the weekend so do a little prep work and see what you want to buy before the discount goes live!! 

*No code needed.  Discount will be applied to cart at checkout.