Is Handmade Better? March 16 2021

Of course I think handmade is better!  But here are some legitimate reasons why our products may be a better selection than that big box product.

  1. Less environmental impact. Small shops have less employees, less waste, more control over the materials we use.  For example, we have transitioned all our shipping materials to be plastic free, totally recyclable although it is more expensive for us.  It matters that we take measures to help protect our planet.
  2. They help local communities. Small shops tend to support other small local shops!  We are more likely to put our money back into our local community and support those around us.
  3. Products are better quality. We take the time to source and craft to the best of our ability.  This is not only our livelihood but also gives us a sense of pride in what we do.
  4. Products are unique! You won’t have another identical to what you get from a handmade merchant.  Especially in the craft of hand stamping, no piece is identical! You are not only able to customize your piece but there will be ever so slight variations because we make it, well…by hand!
  5. Handmade products allow for a fuller buyer experience. You get to find something you really love, you get to customize it, and you get to speak directly to the person who is making it! There is a special energy that each piece carries out of our shop, because we have literally made it start to finish.  Our blessing is with everything we make.