How to Put on a Bracelet Solo-Style September 25 2019

We specialize in bracelets.  Bracelets can be annoying. I have had a number of people specifically request NOT to have a lobster clasp because they can be troublesome to put on solo.  I mean, who hasn't had a difficult time putting one on by themselves?!  

I have become a master of putting on bracelets by myself over the years so I thought I would do a little demo.  Three styles of bracelets are covered: sliding bead, lobster clasp and locking clasp.  If you are considering a purchase, find yourself annoyed at each attempt, or just want to improve your accessory skills check it out. :)  

In case you want to skip right to it:  sliding bead style (0:55), lobster clasp (1:56) and locking clasp (3:16).

Wishing you wellness!