Home Jewelry Cleaning Tips September 10 2018


You are getting ready to go out to dinner and about to put on that sterling necklace you haven't worn in ages, only to discover it is covered in tarnish.  Whomp whomp. This is your at home guide for quick DIY jewelry cleaning.  I have a few tips/products I can share, and yes, one of them is toothpaste.

Yes, regular toothPASTE (not the gel type) does a pretty bang up job on removing tarnish from sterling silver or brightening a gold fill piece as well.  Just apply a small bit, rub gently to get into all areas, and rinse with warm water.  Great for necklaces.

Pro-Polishing Pads
These guys are magical!  The first time I used them I was seriously impressed.  They remove tarnish and bring a bright, lustrous shine to any piece of metal.  You can find several vendors on Etsy selling them at reasonable prices.  Click here for one example.  Only downside is if using them on a bracelet or necklace made with a light colored leather, be mindful of rubbing the near the cording because it will darken it.  Great for really dirty, grimy jobs.


Sunshine Cloth
The good ol jewelers sunshine cloth.  Treated with a compound that shines up your gold, silver, brass or copper.  Just gotta put a little elbow (really finger) grease into it.  Good for more frequent use.  Also available from many vendors on Etsy, click here for one.

Happy polishing friends!!