Chokers. Yay or Nay? October 03 2019


Chokers are back, have you noticed?  I had a couple of choker necklaces in the 90s that I proudly wore, one even in my sister’s wedding!  Wouldn’t you love to see that picture?  I have been seeing girls wearing chokers layered with other necklaces and have to admit, it looks pretty cute.  So I went out on a limb at the last Gem & Jewelry Show and bought some sparkly chain to make chokers.  I made myself one in yellow gold, my preferred metal, and wore that baby for 30 minutes.  Wow was that thing annoying!  I definitely am not a chain choker person.  They are absolutely lovely on others, but I found it quite uncomfortable.  I even made one identical for a friend and she wears it all the time! 


I did not give up on chokers though.  A few weeks back I was getting ready for an outing with Geoff and a little voice told me I should make a choker with some of the wire wrapped gemstones I had.  There was a gorgeous strand of tiny emeralds which would match my top perfectly. I whipped that baby up, put it on layered with a longer necklace and out the door I went.  We had a lovely night out and that necklace did not bother me one bit.  Perhaps it was a bit longer, or perhaps it was the round shape of the bead which proved more ergonomic, but I loved that little necklace!  I have since made several more and tested them out at a few shows.  They were a hit!  So…chokers it is.  I guess I can be on trend with this one.

What about you guys?  Chokers, yay or nay? 

Need some ideas on how to style and layer chokers?  Check out this article.