Building a Stronger Self April 02 2020

Right now many of us have time on our hands.  I began thinking, rather than allowing our minds to worry about a future we cannot see nor control, why don’t we spend this time creating a stronger self? 

I am realizing very quickly what is good for me, both mentally and physically. I like many, have been feeling anxiety and am doing everything I can to rid myself of this feeling. 

A stronger self is stress free. 

Tall order right now?  Maybe, but here is what it looks like for me.

Getting outside.

Everyone is in different places with different guidelines, but even if it is just to open a window and breathe the air outside or look upon the sky, I believe nature heals.  I am lucky to have a small porch facing large trees so I can stare at a little piece of green for as long as I like.  Some days I take my work outside, some days I take a walk.  I jog around the neighborhood at least 1-2 times a week and get on my bike in responsible places and ways.  I breathe the air and look around at the abundance and miracle of life around us. I disconnect from the city, the people, the information and touch a little of our true nature.

Music that makes me want to dance. 

There is no way you can be stressed while dancing.  Not possible.  As I work from home, I listen to music that I love and when it gets good – I dance.  How great to do this with your kids?  Or your husband, even if he is not a dancer.  Get him up off his booty to shake around a little while you cook or clean or do other tasks.

Unplugging from the information. 

Initially I did want updates, but now I feel as though there is no information that is going to make me feel better.  I extremely limited time on news and social media.  I step away from conversations within earshot that will bring anxiety (these are few and far between currently).  I have told my partner Geoff that I do not want to talk about news unless I ask, especially before I go to bed.  I read an inspirational, spiritual or motivational book before sleeping and when I wake up.  This keeps my mental state stable. I am not in the dark, but I keep abreast of only critical information.  Now is the time to think critically about what we are inputting; do I need all this information?  What value is it bringing?  

Continuing on a spiritual journey.

Whatever your beliefs, practice or otherwise this may help bring a sense of perspective to all that is happening around us.  I read and listen to books and podcasts that are aligned with my spiritual practice, I journal, and I meditate daily.  I am certain that this has a huge impact on my sense of calm through these changing times. 


Practicing gratitude.

I know I know, this is so “on trend” right now but I am not talking about the rote list making.  I  am talking about really thinking until you figure out something that makes you smile…or cry.  Feeling that much gratitude is an energetic shift.  I make a list each morning and every time I include my cats.  They bring me so much joy I have to include them.  It can be small or big, but if you are REALLY grateful in that moment it will push you out of negative emotion, even if it is briefly.



Yep.  Just breathe.  Deep breathes when the worry creeps in, when you feel a little heady about things, when you are in a new situation that feels uncomfortable.  I started practicing yoga almost a year ago and this has brought me to breath.  I don’t have any certain method, but I started noticing at the climbing gym when I was scared to make my next move, I would instinctively take a large breath and on the exhale would slowly move into that place of fear.  It works.


This is not a comprehensive list but includes some of the things that have been particularly helpful for me to stay anxiety free.  I want to be my strongest self henceforth and am so glad to have the opportunity to be evolving into this place and sharing it with you.


Wellness your way.