Beyond the Internet: Summer Book List September 04 2018

In my never-ending quest to better myself, learn, grow and live an inspired life I have found myself reading more and more.  An Audible subscriber, I listen to many while working, walking, and doing household chores.  The reading I have done the past few years has helped me exponentially, so I thought why not share some of my most recent finds for people looking for similar knowledge?  The internet is great for tidbits, but books are where we can dive deep into learning.  At 42, I am getting re-acquainted with this and am forever grateful for the depth it has added to my life.

Deep Work by Cal Newport
Wowza.  Want to regain some focus in your work?  Read this beauty, he will challenge you to activate that big brain of yours and dig deep into your craft.

Everything is Here to Help You by Matt Kahn
Recommended by Christane Northrup, this one is SO good.  The title let's you know exactly what the premise is, and it is a beautiful way to gain some perspective on life's events.


Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine take the Lead by Tosha Silver
Full of lovely, synchronistic stories this book is not only entertaining but inspiring.  Great reminder of when we trust and allow divine to lead, things will all pan out beautifully.


Eat & Run by Scott Jurek
The story of this ultra marathoning legend is entertaining and inspiring.  Also includes his journey into plant based eating which was an additional bit of motivation for me, even includes recipes to try! (I have gone plant based previously and consider returning to it frequently).


The Heart of Meditation by Swami Durgananda
A book that explores all aspects of meditation in a very readable fashion.  Why do I have all these thoughts? Is it okay to see colors? Can I use a mantra?  What can I expect? All types of these questions are answered, and best of all, it validates every practicers experience.  Love this one.

Happy reading friends!