Beating the Work from Home Blues September 17 2018

Working from home always sounded like a fantastic idea to me.  No lunch prepping, clothing optional, I can get laundry done, snack and play with the kitties while working all day. So I had to think critically when I started to feel a little blue in this supposedly "ideal" situation.  Whether you are a stay at home mom, working remotely for a big company or self employed our social nature does not get fed if we hermitize ourselves (yes, that is my own word).  I have found recently that I need to make a conscious effort to combat the isolation that can come from working in this solitary situation. 

Some of the best tips I found include:

1. Get dressed.  Hilarious, I know.  I have never been one to romp around in jammies all day but as of late I found myself staying in workout clothes with a messy pony-bun for the majority of it.  Getting dressed in something I feel makes me look cute, applying a splash of makeup (liquid eyeliner if I want to feel especially empowered) and curling my hair makes me take myself a little more seriously. Turns out that there is something to that "look good feel good" adage.  

2. Leave the house.  At the very least, I get a cup of coffee from a local shop every day.  I have realized that a short trip to the post office or quick run to the grocery store is like a little refresh button for my demeanor.  Weather and time permitting walking to any of these places is even better. Taking a moment to look up at the clouds in the sky helps ground me back to earth after hours staring at a screen or tiny pieces of metal.

3.  Create a workspace you love.  I am by nature a tidy person, so I keep my workspace neat and organized.  Large or small you can not only keep your space clean, but fill it with things that inspire you or simply make you smile.  On my desk I have a small illustration by my former studio mate NeatCaroline that  says "beautiful minds inspire others".  I also have inexpensive matching accessories that make me feel good while I work.  Be creative!  Make the space yours.

4. Work somewhere else.  Admittedly I have yet to do this but today I think I finally found my place.  A local cafe or coffee shop for a few hours will offer a new energy that can revitalize you and connect you with people again.  

5. Get a part time job or volunteer.  The disconnect from a group of peers has had a tremendous effect on me.  I know that I need some sort of group to participate in and if that means a part time job, I am okay with it.  But just as with anything else, choose carefully.  You want it to be a positive stream of energy.  It will offer you an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and make a little extra cash.  

6. Take time for yourself.  Self love seems to be the "it" thing right now.  I have been reading Northrup's "Goddess Never Age" and she talks about connecting with your joy.  Take a break for a quick mani, go for a massage, a free yoga class or just a dance break in your house.  What ever lights you up, go do that and make it a habit.

I certainly am not a pro at all this yet, but I am definitely working on it.  Hope this helps whatever sort of cabin fever you are fighting!


Reference: The Sistah Girl Next Door "7 Ways to Avoid the work at Home Blues" By Sharee Hereford