Back to School Safety: Kids & Medical Alert Bracelets August 16 2019

Every time I make a child’s medical alert bracelet, I think to myself, thank goodness!  As a former elementary school teacher, I can see how these accessories can be SO helpful to staff working or interacting with school age children.  In my twelve years of teaching I can recall at least once that student mentioned they had a food allergy that I was unaware of.  Imagine if I had brought snacks containing said allergen and she/he had a reaction. 

Teachers are made aware of serious conditions in a child’s documentation, but even so – what about other adults or teachers that see them less frequently?  I know I did my best to pass along pertinent information to all that were involved in each student’s education and supervision, but wouldn’t it be great to have another layer of safety with a medical ID?  Teachers many times have duties or supervision schedules with students that are unfamiliar to them.  A medical alert bracelet, charm, necklace or other identifier could expedite the process of aid in any emergency.  Don’t you think? 

With Gratitude,