Allowing: a daily practice November 15 2019

Not too long ago I started my day with an early morning swim that would be followed with a late morning coffee and coworking session.  My day began and relatively well, I was able to take my time get my swim done and head back home while listening to my latest inspirational speaker, David Bayer.  While figuring out the days outfit, the thought occurred to me to ride my bike to my group rather than drive.  I always love the opportunity to leave the car at home and be more conscious in my mode of transportation, so I got dressed, packed my things up, aired up my tires and out the door I went!   A warm but enjoyable ride, it took me all of about 8 minutes to arrive.  My sense of giddiness started to dissipate thought when I started to look around for somewhere to lock up my bike. Nada. Not a fence, no pole, and definitely no bike rack.  What kind of a bike friendly city is this?!  I reached in to grab my phone to check the time and realized…no phone.  After a fleeting moment of frustration, I made a quick decision to go back home and make another go of this whole morning.  By this time I was sweating, late for the session but instead of continuing in that frustration, I just allowed.  What was the use getting angry?  Could I have spent more time working? Yes. Could I have been on time?  Yes.  But what does it matter?  This is how things transpired.  Maybe I am being saved from something.  Maybe I am being set up to make a more important connection.  Just go with it. 


Allowing.  Easy to say and do working for myself with no one or thing to answer to but myself.  But is it?  Maybe that is the more challenging person to answer to, your inner self.  What is best for you every day, every moment even?  This is my challenge, to allow.  In all times, when I am only answering to myself and when there are constraints such as people, places, events that I am a part of.  When I can do it, allowing brings so much more peace to my day.


As the holiday season approaches this is a great time to make allowing a practice.  As you begin to feel overwhelm, frustration or irritation take a moment to step back and allow.