All Things Rings September 06 2019



Yes, you can wear that many rings.  Layers aren’t just for necklaces, you can stack as many rings as you want on your pretty little hands.  My every day look includes three rings, two of which are stacked. To dress things up when I go out, I wear our large gold cuff ring and the three stacked rings along with two midis.  I stick with all yellow gold but you can certainly mix metals for a more dynamic look! 



As for midis, don’t be scared if you haven’t tried them.    The only time I am concerned about them falling off is when I am washing my hands. Take them off or just be mindful as you wash and dry. 



Ring size is different for everyone so your best bet is to use an actual ring sizer.  They are very inexpensive online or you can stop by a jewelry store and they will have one.  If you want to DIY it instead, here is a great article showing how to use either string or a paper chart with an existing ring to size.  I cannot testify to these methods so proceed with caution. ;)

A general rule to follow for sizing for midis is to take your ring size for that finger and divide in half. 


Ready to rock some rings?