5 ways to fitness August 20 2020


Me and my fit friend Wolvarine. ;)

Exercise.  We just breezed by that one in the last chat about immunity.  Didn't think I was going to leave it there did you?  


Exercise is not just part of my life, it is part of my lifestyle.  Most of my recreational activities revolve around exercise (apart from visiting Harry Potter land of course).  This did not happen overnight.  This has been years of wanting, growing, building and learning.  Running was the main activity for years, but I found that cross training helps me be a stronger runner.  As I got older, I found stretching necessary so I started to build that in.  I also have learned to appreciate climbing and cycling as lower impact yet challenging activities.  It sounds like a lot, but this has been a gradual process of understanding my body and fitness better.


To give you some understanding of what my fitness looks like:

-I work out every morning 6 days a week

-I also go on walks, bike rides, or climb some evenings

-I have run a half or full marathon every year for the past 16 years

-In 2018 I picked up cycling and trained for 6 weeks before completing the Hotter than Hell 100 mile road ride, just a few months after recovering from abdominal surgery. 

-Weekends I typically do one long ride or run that could last anywhere from 2-5 hours.  I look forward to these challenging workouts!!


How did I get here?  With help.  I have found some really great resources online that guided to me along the way.  Here are the ones I use consistently that you can use too!


Running 3-5 miles 2/3 times per week 

How far I run and the frequency depends on my condition and goals.  For general fitness and/or training for a race I stick to three times a week including one longer run.



I use this as a warmup as well as strength training.I love Cassie and find her entertaining and full of positive energy.


Zuzka Light 

This is my high intensity strength training.It will kick your ass.She does a good job of modeling the workouts and offering modifications for beginners.


Global Cycling Network

These workouts are KILLER!I have been transitioning to more and more cycling and these workouts have gotten me so much stronger.I do not have a smart trainer so don’t be deterred by that.I just monitor my RPMs on my watch and general effort level.


Yoga with Kassandra

I love that she provides short sessions that I can do post-workout.She is calm and explains things well so you don’t have to constantly look at the screen. 



I LOVE being active, setting goals, and getting stronger. These resources are for anyone so check them out!


Wellness your way.


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